Initiate change with mindfulness

The ways we guide our attention and the thought patterns we follow change the structure and function of the brain. That’s neuroplasticity – and it’s proof that the ways we think and behave are always evolving. There’s enormous potential in this: By cultivating mindfulness, you can consciously anchor new habits in your brain. That’s why everything I do starts with mindset.


The most sustainable path to personal growth – through insight and experience


It is often external stimuli that best inspire deep reflection and positive change. My interactive keynotes give participants a new understanding of leadership and mindfulness. They come away with tools for greater clarity, inner calm, and focus – ready to be integrated into their daily routine. This makes keynote lectures an especially effective format for approaching a new way of thinking together.


Single- or multi-day workshops create a safe environment for self-reflection and reorientation. Drawing from neuroscience, these workshops offer evidence-based insights, journaling, group discussions, meditation, and visualisation exercises to help you gain new understanding. You’ll gain access to a comprehensive toolbox and develop specific approaches to help you practise and integrate new behaviours. I can also optionally support you and your team with actioning what you’ve learned through a virtual challenge after your workshop.

Modular programmes

Engage in a personal learning journey over the course of several weeks through a modular programme. You decide whether that’s in person, virtual, or a hybrid format. We’ll tailor the content and duration of each module to your specific needs. Each module focuses on a particular topic, which we’ll dive into through interactive knowledge sharing and experiential learning. The period between modules will give you the time and space you need to observe yourself and reflect on your behaviour. You can use this time to test new approaches and establish effective habits for yourself and in your collaborative teamwork. Peer coaching sessions will provide valuable support and guidance, with thought-provoking questions to assist your journey.


Sometimes it helps to step out of your usual environment to gain fresh perspectives. That’s why I offer retreats – with space and time away from everyday life. This also allows you to break free from ingrained thought and behavioural patterns, redirect your attention inward, reflect, and refocus. Through guided meditations and contemplations, gentle physical activities, leisurely walks, and journaling, you will nurture a sense of calm and sharpen your awareness of the bigger picture.

One-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching allows us to focus on your personal goals and challenges. We will analyse specific situations from your professional life where you desire different outcomes. I can help you to craft new perspectives, consider different approaches, and devise practical implementation strategies. Individual coaching empowers you to strengthen your resilience and emotional intelligence. Deepen your sense of joy and professional satisfaction with more sustainable, truly positive working relationships.

I create space for self-exploration

I don’t tell you how to lead. Instead, I provide a nurturing environment where you can identify the obstacles in your self-leadership, communication, and collaboration practices. By combining neuroscientific insights and mindfulness-promoting interventions, we can explore new possibilities and widen the scope of what you can do and achieve. You’ll enhance your confidence and acquire the essential tools you need to make your interactions even more effective.


How I work


All programmes, whether in-person or virtual, are customised to meet your unique needs. This applies to both one-on-one coaching and groups of various sizes.


All scientific insights are based on the latest findings in neuroscience and behavioural research.


A balanced blend of input, self-reflection, and mindful discussions with peers fosters deeper experiences and mutual inspiration.


Exercises such as journaling, visualisations, and meditations facilitate deep personal insights and meaningful discoveries.

Easily and immediately actionable

You’ll gain a comprehensive, impactful toolbox that is easy to start using in your demanding work life.


Knowing yourself and building empathy strengthen your connection with yourself and others. This nurtures trust and consciously cultivated relationships.


I offer all coaching and training programmes in both German and English.


Programmes with cooperation partners

Our international participants appreciate how engaging and inspiring the sessions are, both online and face-to-face. Barbara effortlessly manages to foster deep connections and build trust. What particularly matters to us is the lasting impact and immediately actionable tools for everyday life.

Joachim Klocke Strategy & Innovation Programs Bertelsmann University, Germany

We have been working with Barbara for years, and her training has been embraced exceptionally well by our colleagues. It has led to a shift in mindset around resilience, self-care, and setting boundaries. Barbara’s science-based approach has even won over the sceptics. Thank you for your valuable work with us!

Katharina Brandner Teamlead Learning & Development at Österreichische Lotterien, Austria

We have a total of 19 different nationalities in our team. Such diversity demands sensitivity and a broad knowledge base to ensure that everyone feels included. Barbara offered exactly that in her workshop. She addresses diverse needs and offers tangible approaches. Our team was delighted.

Herwig Springer CEO at i5invest Beratungs GmbH, Austria

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you brought to the CLC program. I learned so much and have been able to immediately implement not just some of the learnings but all of them to some degree. Thank you for always showing up with so much heart and dedication. It’s really changed my mindset and re-energized me. I’m so grateful.

Gail Gonzales Vice President, Deputy Publisher at Penguin Random House, New York

Barbara approaches the topic of leadership with great expertise and empathy. Especially in turbulent times, we need tools that help us stay focused and ground us. Because it is only when our employees are well that we can work together successfully. Barbara has played a critical role here. Thank you!

Robert Bogner CEO at Pulpmedia GmbH, Austria

Working with Barbara was a very liberating experience. By encouraging me to question my instincts, tap into personal strengths and unleash my creativity, she helped me move beyond ingrained and quite frankly stale thinking. Thanks to our sessions, I was able to wholly re-frame my approach to workplace challenges.

Nadia Benamara Director of Communications at The OPEC Fund for International Development, Austria