Mindful Leadership – Keynote

Emotional Intelligence - The Key Competency in the 21st Century. What role do Mindfulness play in strengthening Emotional Intelligence? Key Note at the Fifteen Seconds Festival 2021

Emotional Intelligence: The Key Competency in the 21st Century

We need to rethink our leadership to master the challenges of a disruptive world, access our full potential and lead a fulfilling life. But – how can we maintain inner calm, act with composure, stay empathetic and take courageous decisions even in the midst of adversity? What’s the role of mindfulness and emotional intelligence?

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Compassionate Leadership

Unleash Your Superpower

Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz

16. June 2023 16:30 - 18:00 


Wellbeing & Resilience @ Work

In these 2-minutes-videos you learn some valuable quick tips to enhance your wellbeing & resilience.

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