Wellbeing & Resilience @ Work

In these 2-minutes-videos you learn some valuable quick tips to enhance your wellbeing & resilience.

Start your day with a positive morning ritual

Did you know that the way you start your day has a significant impact on the rest of your day? In this video you learn why a positive morning routine is the perfect way to start your day. I also share my favourite morning ritual.

Uplift Your Body Posture

Did you know that your body posture influences your wellbeing, resilience and performance? In this video you learn a simple and effective tip to keep a balanced energy level during the day.

Create Time Confettis

What is a time confetti? In this video you learn how you can use them to recharge yourself during the day. Don't miss the pro-tip at the end of the video!

More about my work


Compassionate Leadership

Unleash Your Superpower

Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz

16. June 2023 16:30 - 18:00 


Mindful Leadership – Keynote

Emotional Intelligence - The Key Competency in the 21st Century. What role do Mindfulness play in strengthening Emotional Intelligence? Key Note at the Fifteen Seconds Festival 2021

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